Hello and Welcome to Sutton Soda Blasting.
We are a Midlands UK based firm that specialize in automotive Soda Stripping and Vapour blasting.

We offer a wide range of services
,we vapour blast all your aluminium parts from carbs, heads, cam cover, engine blocks , full engines and gearboxes. In fact anything aluminum. We can vapour any part up to 900mm square

We soda blast all your metal, ally, cast, casting casing, barrels, bike frames, wheels, doors, bonnets, boot lids, wings with out damage to your sub straight
We offer a power coating services, coating everything with two coats for a better finish ,we prime all your metal, cast as required we also we use lots of different medias to suit your requirement.
For d- rusting were you don't want any media used we offer a dipping services
so call Andy on above number and see if I can help ,thanks.

Rough Prices (Dependent On Component Size and Level of Contamination)

Motor Bike Parts (Vapour Blasted)
Head £ 15-20 Each
Barrels £ 15-20 Each
Carbs £ 10-15 Each
Set Of Casings £ 80-100

Car Parts
Heads £ 40-50 Each
Carbs £ 25-30
Blocks £ 30-50 Each

The two items below must come with all holes blocked by Customer or this
will incur an additional charge.
Full engins £ 180
Complete Gear Boxes £ 50

Below items Blasted and Primed Depending on Size
Wings £ 65 Each
Doors £ 65 Each
Bonnetts £ 95 Each
Boot Lids £ 65 Each

Blasted and Powder Coated
Bike Frame and Swing Arm £125
Set Of Wheels £ 180

Polishing Or Vibraro Finishing On all ally Parts from £10 per hour.

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